Opening an LLC in Italy: a straightforward process with the help of an expert

Authors: Luca Ruggeri – Attorney at Law e Fabrizio Andreocci – Tax Advisor

Establishing an LLC in Italy as a foreigner

The process of establishing a LLC in Italy is not very complex, but it is advisable to seek assistance from a local professional (lawyer and tax advisor) to avoid problems. An experienced professional can follow the entire procedure by proxy, even without the client’s presence in Italy.

Main steps to open a company in Italy

There are two types of LLCs in Italy:

  1. the ordinary LLC (so called “S.r.l”);
  2. and the simplified LLC (so called “S.r.l.s.”).

The ordinary LLC in Italy requires a minimum share capital of €1, while the S.r.l.s. requires a minimum share capital of €1 and cannot exceed € 9,999.99.

These documents must be drafted by a notary and contain information such as the company name, the corporate purpose, the registered office, the share capital, and the names of the shareholders.

The company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the province in which it has its registered office.

The Italian VAT number (Partita Iva) is necessary to carry out commercial activities in Italy.

The company must open a bank account in the name of the company.

The average time to register a company in Italy is about 10 days, if everything is done correctly and with the help of an expert.

Advantages of opening an LLC in Italy

Here are some of the advantages of opening an LLC in Italy:

If you are considering opening a company in Italy, we recommend that you contact a local professional for assistance. An experienced professional can help you choose the type of LLC that best suits your needs, draft the articles of association and bylaws, register the company with the Chamber of Commerce, and obtain an Italian VAT number.

Opening a company in Italy remotely: setting up a business in Italy as a foreigner

As mentioned above, it is possible to set up a company in Italy remotely, without coming to Italy, by appointing a selected professional in Italy through a proxy. This proxy must be signed in the presence of a notary and legalized (apostilled). The appointed company administrator will then be required to be physically present in Italy to open the bank account.

Advantages of opening an LLC in Italy remotely

Here are some of the advantages of opening a company in Italy remotely:

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